Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pittsburgh PUG Holiday GetToGether!

It's that time of the year, the holidays, and the end to our 2007 season. I hope everyone had a great year - let's talk about it!

We are having our 2nd Annual PUG Holiday GetToGether:
WHEN: Tuesday, December 4th
TIME: 6:30 PM
WHERE: Station Square / Buca di Beppo

As a PUG member, please feel free to bring your significant other and another photographer who may not be a member of our PUG - let's get them into the fold!

Pictage is expensing $150 for us to cover expenses for our GTG - WHICH IS GREAT OF THEM! sure to tell them so and thank them for, I'll probably be asking that everyone chip in maybe $20+ bucks per person to help me cover the remaining costs after the Pictage contribution, depending on the final bill, of course.

Wanna hang out after our meal? Weather permitting, we could go to the ice rink in PPG plaza, or see the window decorations at Macy's, or head out for more celebrating, if you know what I mean ;-) !

I'm really looking forward to some relaxing, so drag another shooter along and I'll see you there!

Best, Joanne

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Knoxville PUG Christmas Party Info

Oodles18 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902 US
When: Thursday, December 13, 6:00PM
Cost:$30 per person

It's that time of year again!!! Time for us all to get together and celebrate!We have planned a great party to take place in downtown Knoxville at Oodles in Market Square. We have reserved the Green Room, so come and enjoy a fun and relaxing time with your peers as we reflect on 2007 and look forward to 2008.

Homemade Foccacia Bread w/ Herbed Olive Oil
Choice of House Salad w/ Balsamic Dressing or Caesar Salad
Choice of Entree: Iron Skillet Ribeye, Morocan Braised Chicken, Wild Mushroom Pasta or Fresh Fish of the Day
Choice of Beverage (alcohol can be purchased separately)
Choice of Dessert: Classic Tiramisu or Holiday Spiced Cheesecake

Cost: $30 per person
RSVP and payment is required by December 1

After dinner, you can even enjoy some shopping in Market Square or we can all have fun skating around the ice rink! I hope you all can join us!!! I look forward to celebrating with you!

Jamie Weiss
(865) 233-2257

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Philly November PUG

We had our November Philly PUG today and I filled in for Sofia who got a job at the last minute. We had a great time at Josh Gardner's Studio. Josh went over Lightroom and I think everyone learned something they didn't know about it today. We talked about the new products that Pictage wants to roll out in 2008, everyone was on board with the canvas prints, but nobody wants the client to be able to order them. There was concern about quality control and packaging though.
Everyone was on board to allowing their clients to purchase framed prints on Pictage of any size.
We covered a lot of Pictage topics and I have a ton of feedback to share. We also talked about what we would like to cover in future meetings. These topics are:
copyright issues
accounting/book keeping

There may be a few more I am not thinking of at the moment. But those are all great topics. So I think we will work on covering them, bringing people in to talk. I would like to try and get someone in from ASMP to talk to us.

I believe we are going to combine the New Jersey and Philadelphia PUGs for the holiday party. I have to chat with Laura but I think Dec 13th is the day set for Philly. We are going to have it at North Bowl, an awesome retro bowling alley in the hip neighborhood of The Northern Liberties. Should be a lot of fun.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Coming to a PUG near you!! :)

Hey guys!

Justin and I are going to be visiting some PUGs this winter to talk about relationships and how important they are for our businesses, especially our relationships with other photographers and how amazing PUG is for that!! We're trying to figure out the schedule and where all we're gonna be able to go, so if any of you leaders think that's something you'd be interested in for your group please feel free to shoot us an email at justin@imagine-imaging and we'll see if we can get it set up. It would be such a HUGE help in trying to figure all this out! Serioulsy, thank you guys SO much in advance! I feel so blessed by all of you that I already know and I can't wait to meet even more of you!