Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Philly November PUG

We had our November Philly PUG today and I filled in for Sofia who got a job at the last minute. We had a great time at Josh Gardner's Studio. Josh went over Lightroom and I think everyone learned something they didn't know about it today. We talked about the new products that Pictage wants to roll out in 2008, everyone was on board with the canvas prints, but nobody wants the client to be able to order them. There was concern about quality control and packaging though.
Everyone was on board to allowing their clients to purchase framed prints on Pictage of any size.
We covered a lot of Pictage topics and I have a ton of feedback to share. We also talked about what we would like to cover in future meetings. These topics are:
copyright issues
accounting/book keeping

There may be a few more I am not thinking of at the moment. But those are all great topics. So I think we will work on covering them, bringing people in to talk. I would like to try and get someone in from ASMP to talk to us.

I believe we are going to combine the New Jersey and Philadelphia PUGs for the holiday party. I have to chat with Laura but I think Dec 13th is the day set for Philly. We are going to have it at North Bowl, an awesome retro bowling alley in the hip neighborhood of The Northern Liberties. Should be a lot of fun.


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Dove Wedding Photography said...

Why didn’t anyone want the clients to order canvas prints? We were unanimous with wanting the clients to be able to order canvas prints directly from Pictage.

- peter