Saturday, March 8, 2008

TN PUG - March Meeting

A couple nights ago Nashville had another great PUG meeting. It was a lot of fun seeing the many new faces as well as some members we have not seen in quite some time.

Gregory Byerline was our feature photographer for the evening. He was kind enough to invite everyone to his studio in Downtown Nashville. Studio 219 is located in the historic Marathon Village. The building was once an auto assembly plant, which housed Marathon Motor Co. The long-abandoned building is now being converted to loft-style artist studios and commercial space. Gregory’s studio definitely has a cool vibe.

Gregory is a fashion photographer who brings his eye into the wedding market as well as family and pet portraitures. As you can see from the photos posted, Gregory loves dogs. His little Sundae joined us for the meeting. As you look through his portfolio you will find some amazing photos of canines mixed in with models and recognizable Nashville musicians.

Our guest speaker for the night was Phil Thornton of Thornton Photo. Phil is a free-lance web designer for large commercial companies as well as a wedding photographer. He knows a LOT about search engine optimization and was very willing to share some of his knowledge with the group. He explained his love/hate relation with Flash-based websites. He loves how they are visually stunning and the perfect first impression for potential clients. He hates that they are horrible for when it comes to utilizing search engines. He also leaked out that in his “free time” he is working on a photography website that will end this dilemma. We will defiantly let you know when his sites are available for purchase.

Phil looking very professor like.

LinkSundae listening to Phil’s presentation very intently.

- Peter Carlson / Dove Wedding Photography

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