Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 20th PGH PUG Lighting Demo!

I, too, really enjoy being a PUG leader and getting everyone together for our fabulous PUG meetings here in Pittsburgh! It is such a great experience to meet new and experienced shooters and stand with each other in support of one another. It is simply a great feeling...

Our PUG will begin at 7 PM and probably go until about 9 PM with a detailed demo on studio lighting from Kim Reed, who has also graciously agreed to be the studio spotlight...well, since we were at her studio already, I asked her to "shine" for us and she agreed!

THEN, after Kim's studio spotlight and studio lighting demo, Terry Clark will be demonstrating on/off camera flash lighting with multiple flashes!

So: We'll start w/ the studio spotlight and move to the lighting demos. Everyone will be on their own for food and drink, with one suggestion: if you must drink something, please make sure it has a cap on it for the sake of Kim's studio - thanks!

Should be a great PUG, so I look forward to seeing everyone then and there! I'll be sure to blog with photos when I update this post!

Time: 7 PM - 9 PM
Place: Kim Reed's Studio: 3702 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15201
Here's a Google Map link:

Thanks everyone! Share the love!
Joanne Bartone, Photographer

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