Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dallas/Ft. Worth PUG-August Test shoot

The DFW area PUG got together for a very laid back shoot for August. No models, no fuss! Although some of our members look like models! We agreed to bring equipment and ideas to test out on each other. We tested a variety of light sources from small bare strobes, using umbrellas, some genius electrical tape snooting, homemade ring flash (less than $1 go Jenna!), various flashlights, mirrors (for bouncing light), video light, and strip-like work light!

members in action:

Here we tested the idea of white balancing with our Fong Lightspheres (idea found on from Trevor Brucki)

fong white balanced:

Some off-camera strobe fun:

Some Home Depot work light strip fun:

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