Wednesday, September 30, 2009

McLellan Style speaks at Nashville PUG

It doesn't look like many of the PUG leaders have been posting here lately. I know I am guilty of not posting.

I wanted to inform all of you about the great response we had for Sean & Melanie McLellan of McLellan Style. DWF and Finao's "Photographer of the Year" spoke at Nashville's PUG for the first time. Their presentation was titled "Shooting with Purpose, Shooting with Style: Pushing the envelope and delivering amazing results, no matter what!" This much anticipated talk brought out a surprising number of photographers making our attendance close to four times the normal amount!

I asked Sean & Melanie if it was alright to promote their presentation to the other PUG leaders and they said they would be willing to come speak for you. They will be guests at the Atlanta PUG tomorrow night. If you would like to have them join your PUG, drop them a line at

Peter Carlson
Nashville PUG Leader
Dove Wedding Photography

Here are some photos from last month's meeting:

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