Wednesday, February 13, 2008

asheville pug - february meeting

At our February meeting, we did a panel discussion. The PUG has so many new members that I thought it would be great to have a format that allowed them to ask questions to a panel of "experts". Honour Hiers, Corey Cagle, Corey McNabb and I answered questions and got to know some of the new people better. Out of the 13 people in attenance, 8 have been in business about a year or less and 4 were at the PUG for the first time. Questions that we will explore further in future meetings include second shooters and the expectations both from the primary and second photographer, advertising, studio task management and websites.

The group

Sage, Christy and Suzanna

Alicia and Corey McNabb

Corey Cagle and Honour

Mark Block asks a question, Christy, Suzanna, Peter and Zac

regina holder - asheville PUG

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