Tuesday, January 22, 2008

J Sandifer ROCKED the CT PUG!!

J Sandifer was so awesome to come down from Maine and speak to our PUG a couple weeks back (can't believe we're just getting around to posting about this now) and he ROCKED the house!! We had by far our largest turnout yet- 54 PHOTOGRAPHERS!- and everyone was so blown away by J. He talked all about how to get the most out of our websites and then ended the night by giving away one FREE website and a $500 gift certificate for another one!

We met J this past May at the Chicago PartnerCon and he has quickly become one of our absolute favorite people in the industry. You will not find a more genuine, kind, generous heart around. He's just one of those people you instantly fall in love with and hope to know for a very loooong time. We love you J!!!

Here are some fun pics of the night's festivities stolen from the adorable Joy Moody's blog...who also was the big winner of the night!

us, Joy, and J