Thursday, January 10, 2008

Philly January PUG

Well we started off with a nice little group of 6 people

I asked the group what they wanted from our meetings and if they had ideas for topics

An insight from a friend who never has attended a meeting said that he felt like the invitations needed to really express community and the building of a strong network and the offering of a strong network

It is good to hear from others because I thought I had expressed the goals of the monthly meetings in the evite but now know that others are not feeling it. Does anyone have suggestions for expressing the strength and opportunities we will have if we build a strong community? I think the people who attend on a regular basis feel this but we need to do more to attract more.

On another note:

some ideas our group came up with:

- have a panel discussion with other people in our industry- videographers, florsits, planners, caterers
-do a lighting demo
-exchanging "press packets", what we send and give to clients who meet with us
-have someone do demos on retouching - skin retouching, thinning people out, removing objects etc
-posing demo- ways to work with heavier clients or awkward clients to get the most out of their portrait
-accountant to come in and talk about tax stuff
-pricing seminar
-model shoot, workshop
-SEO, blog and website design

anyone have good ideas for topics?

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