Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ideas for the Holidays

Hey PUG Leaders and PUG-ees!

We had a fun, small meeting last night here in Atlanta and had some GREAT ideas thrown out on ideas for holiday portraits. I'll list a few out here:

Sarah: She's planning a few days of "mini-sessions" for the holidays and will be shooting in B&W so the pictures can be sold ALLLLL year round, not just for the holidays. She'll be offering colorful holiday card designs with the B&W pics for cards.

Gary Idea#1: He's having his Boy Scout troupe doing the selling for him! He'll be donating a bunch of portrait session shoots (coupons will be made up) and the little guys will sell them for $20 for a mini-portrait-session in the park. The Boy Scout Troupe gets all the proceeds but Gary will still make all of his profits off the product sales.

Gary Idea#2: Get in with a Country Club. It's the only time to catch a lot of dads for family portraits! He's arranged it before with a Club so that he just takes their member # down, the club bills the family, then cuts Gary a check. Brilliant!

Jennifer: She and her husband are doing some fab portraits of Themselves! The idea is twofold: a great holiday card, and also to let friends and family promo them as they are new to full-time photography.

Jody: Jody is new to Pictage, so he'll be sending a TON of past events to Pictage for upload so they can be a part of the Holiday Promotions.

Me: Thanks to a massive computer crash this week, my bright idea had nothing to do with the Holidays except to make SURE you're sending ALL Pics to Pictage for double-back-up and have a solid recovery/back-up plan in place. ;)

Can't wait to see more fun stuff up here! Any ideas on what you all are doing for November and December meetings!?



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Davina said...

wow. those are some creative ideas! i need to try some of those out and share them with my pug group!