Thursday, October 11, 2007

unofficial San Francisco Bay Area PUG mascot

shows off his new T shirt.

Hi everyone! Make sure to note that our Oct PUG will be taking place in Oakland, not San Francisco, at our alternate location--the home studio of AGB Photographics. Here is the address:

5040 Daisy St
Oakland, CA 94619

And a big shout out to Angela for opening her home to us.

This month I had planned to continue some of the business basics stuff we talked about at last months PUG...but those of you who watch the Pictage forums (or OSP, or Fred Miranda, or DWF) will know that a more immediate concern has come up. This issue is multifaceted; involving such topics as marketing, client communication, studio reputation and branding, as well as the future of the industry and the role that each individual photographer and studio can play in it. I think it's vital for the photography community to talk about this stuff, and to turn a learning experience for one into a learning experience for all.

...and that's probably as much as I can say on the topic right now as I am technically on Pictage turf. Check the aforementioned forums to find out more.

I look forward to seeing all of you there! Remember it's Wednesday, October 24th, at 630PM.

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Davina said...

I'm feeling out of some kind of loop. Please, fill me in. What has come up in the industry that I'm missing?