Thursday, October 4, 2007

NJ PUG Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday Oct 23rd @ 6:30pm we're meeting at the Princeton Panera Bread to kick off a fun scavenger hunt.

We are asking everyone to bring their favorite camera, a lens capable of around 50mm or something similar, basically something good for low light and candid type shots. Brin your walking shoes! AND FLASHES! & wireless triggers if you have them.

Jason Groupp and Paul Eaton will be teaching those that don't know, a little lesson on rear curtain sync and off camera flash to use in the hunt. Then off ya go!

We're gonna break eveyone up into a few teams and then send you out with a list of clues and things to photograph. We're gonna set a time limit on the hunt so we don't have people wandering the streets of Princeton into the wee hours of the night. Then we'll reconvene for scoring and/or judging and award prizes.

I'm awaiting further news on prizes but so far Pictage has been very generous to offer up $100 credit.

This is going to be an awesome break from the norm in NJ. We hope to get a great turnout.



Justin Marantz said...

That sounds awesome Joy! We might just have to sneak on down to the Garden State. Would you like any of the CT folks to join in on it?

Paul and Laura said...

Justin you guys are definitely welcome.. The more the merier!

Joy Moody Photography said...

I would love to see you guys come down. If you want to come down earlier in the day I am down to hang out.

Davina said... guys just have all of the fun. I'm loving this idea. I think I'll try it either next month or when it starts to get warmer again. Thanks, Joy!

Joanne said...

hey Joy! this sounded like a great idea. how did it turn out? if you get a chance, maybe you might share some of the photos from the hunt...or maybe you did that already at the forum? i'll have to go check...
best, Joanne

Joanne said...

dang - i just checked the forum...sorry to hear you had to cancel. it sounded like a really cool/fun idea.