Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lightroom next month. What are you doing next month?

We've started having our PUG meetings at various studios and as much as I thought our attendence would diminish it's actually increased.

This past month the spot light studio introduced us to his work as well as showed us few images from his trip to Africa. Everyone was interested to know how he planned for the trip, what he took, etc. Now we're scheduling him to speak again on how to plan a photo safari trip. We also had another member present on getting organized and staying organized in your studio and in your life. It was a huge hit and people stuck around to talk to her.

During the course of our meeting everyone was asking questions about lightroom. We decided it should be our next meeting. We told everyone to bring their laptops with at least the demo downloaded. Three people in our group love and know lightroom very well. They are each going to teach a portion of how to use lightroom next month.

Everyone was feeling so excited about the next meeting that there were people that hung out until past 11pm. For our PUG that's pretty late.

Thanks to Justin and Mary for getting this blog started. I'm so excited to check it out for more ideas about what you're doing to make your pug awesome!!!

What are you doing next month?


salt lake city, utah pug leader

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