Tuesday, October 23, 2007

November Meeting Ideas

It seems my scavenger hunt idea was just that... a good idea. Getting the NJ folks motivated seems to be a real chore or I can just chalk it up as a bad timing thing. Most if not all probably attended PhotoPlus and we are still winding down from a really busy wedding season. So sadly Laura and I made the call to cancel the hunt last night as we only had 4 confirmed participants and none of them were Pictage members. I would still liked to have done it, but after hearing Laura out she made the point that 2 teams of 2 wouldn't be much of an event. So we'd be better off saving the clues for a better run at it on a later date.

The idea I have for Nov came from a conversation with one of our local guys. John Schafer was at Jason G's Pre-PhotoPlus party and we were catching up on his experience on the Revolution workshop. He said his favorite part was being able to try out new lenses. So my lightbulb turned on (if you know Laura she'd say candle) and I have this new idea.

I'd be willing to bet all of us have bought or wanted a lens without realizing it's not what we need, only to regret it later. So Laura and I are gonna try and get some lenses together for the next meeting and have a hands on, try before you buy, kinda setup for the next PUG. Basically we want to give folks the experience we wished we had before we blew some money on lenses we now collect dust with in a closet.

So if anyone is looking for an idea for their next meeting, try doing this. For those of you within driving distance of us I'm open to a combined meeting, especially if we can get Canon on board by sending us a rep with some glass as they are only about 30mins from us.

Let us know your thoughts and your ideas for the next meeting!
- Paul & Laura


Kristin Greenlee said...

who will own these said lenses. I love this idea, but I hate the idea of having my equipment available. Give us more on logistics :)

Good thinking,
Kristin Greenlee (Dallas-Ft. Worth)

Mary Bess said...

you guys are so awesome. keep your chin up...your group is right on the verge of exploding! i can feel it! pretty soon you'll be looking for places that are big enough to hold all of you!