Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nov. '07 Pittsburgh PUG: contracts & pricing

Yes, we are nearing the 2007 season end; end of photographing weddings perhaps, but there is never an end to evaluating our businesses, from work flow to contracts and everything in between!

Our Pittsburgh, PA PUG will be focusing (pun intended!) on reviewing contracts, booking policies, cancellation policies and cancellation contracts, delivery memos and all the C-Y-A involved in operating our business. We plan to share documents then discuss, add to and advise and I'm hoping that a friend of mine that does contract law and mediation will attend as a guest speaker!

Our December PUG will be for networking purposes between all of us and we will be inviting as many shooters from around the area to join Pictage and our PUG!

Share the LOVE! ~ Joanne

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Mary Bess said...

That's so awesome Joanne!! what an important thing to talk about!! sounds like big things are happening down your way!